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The group

Campweld Group holding is a leading Italian company manufacturing welding, soldering, camping and heating products.


The Group consists of three companies:



Campweld Group

Is responsible for R&D (research & development) of new products and markets. Teams of engineers and managers constantly survey the quality of all Group products and constantly check that the production fulfils the International standards and regulations. A dedicated department is in charge of CE, EN417, TUV approvals for all those products that require specific certificates.



Founded 80 years ago in 1928, is one of the world oldest manufacturers of welding, soldering, camping
and heating products.


Refillgas S.r.l.

Is one of the world largest producers of 190g piercable gas cartridges and 7/16” threaded gas bottles for welding, soldering
and camping purposes.
All products comply with the EN417 European regulation and are certified from TUV Germany.
Production is fully automatic and made with the most modern pressing, assembly, filling and packing machines.
The brand new production lines make of Refillgas the most modern manufacturer in the world.